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By | October 16, 2017

UAN STATUS Online: You can easily track with the UAN Status through your EPF member ID.You Don’t have EPF number you ask your company take EPF Number. Once you canCheck the UAN Status You can Carry the All Documents Like EPF Number, Your Full Name mentioned from the Employee Provident Fund Form.

EPFO claim status @UAN

Employees who need to know EPFO claim status using UAN (Universal account number), they firstly login to the UAN member portal. If you log into the UAN member portal click on fallowing link new unified portal epfo

Various services provided for employees/pensioners who are login into above UAN portal member portal. By using this UAN member portal to check EPFO claim status, PF balance and withdrawn information.

Tagging of UAN to New Members

if the employee changed the job. new employer has to tag with uan number by approval old and new employer with uan number and member id details like name dob, father name mobile number pan and aadhaar details.

UAN Registration & Activation 

UAN Member Portal Login

How To Check The UAN Status followed by Below Step:

For Any Queries Related to UAN Services, You may Contact:

EPF UAN Helpdesk Number: 18001-18005

Help Desk Email ID: [email protected]

Forgot UAN Password  and Moblie number changed:

In This Employee section, there is a new link of UAN Helpdesk.this links leads us to the new page of the helpdesk.

In this Page still in testing mode.It has a separate window for the Employee and Employer.

Forgot UAN password: Employees if need to check the UAN status of him, they have must know the password of UAN.To overcome this problem Universal account number(UAN) facilitate to employees to change the mobile number.Employees go to the official website of website UAN portal. Which problem you can select the open a form.In this form you have to Give your Name, Father’s Name, Date of Birth PF member ID, Moblie Number and Your Problem.


After Filling The details and Submission, you will get an OTP for Verification.Enter OTP and Submit The Form.these will Generate an Application ID.Keep It with you. Finally, the EPFO Resolve The problem and send The new password to a new mobile number.

How to Check the Universal Account Number Status

The UAN full form is Universal Account Number to be allotted by Employment Provident Fund Organization. The Universal Account Number acts as the umbrella for multiple member identification numbers (Member Id) allocated to the individual by various establishments. An idea to connect multiple members (Member Id) allotted to the single member under single UAN. This will contribute the member to view all details of Member identification number attached to it. If the member is allotted already the UAN (Universal Account Number). then he or she are needed to provide the same on joining a new establishment to enable the worker to in-turn mark a newly allotted member identification number to already allotted UAN.
uan member login.
Features of UAN (Universal Account Number):

  • For each and every worker only get one Universal Account Number.
  • Once can use same Universal Account Number (UAN) with the various job in the country.
  • If you have to change your jobs as much as probable, the Employee Provident Fund (EPF) will follow you.
  • This Universal Account Number (UAN) attached to the identity.
  • The KYC documents (know your customer) are used for authentication of Universal Account Number (UAN).
  • Workers can tell their Universal Account Number to other workers.

Check UAN status:

All the employee provident fund members can easily check their Universal Account Number (UAN). Nowadays, it comes handy for checking the employer provident fund in online. While you are applied for the Universal Account Number (UAN), then you can check your status via the websites. Universal Account Number is the twelve digit account number that is provided to Employer provident fund organization member workers. UAN is an identity to people those who are currently assisting with Employer provident fund organization (EPFO). These numbers are provided to the workers with the lifetime validity. The workers must have to submit all details along with documents that are required at Employer provident fund organization (EPFO) employer portal.

The Universal Account Number is an important identity for the Employer provident fund organization account with the lifetime validity. The UAN are easily clubbed with PAN card, and bank accounts and Aadhaar card. It is very beneficial for the workers. Even if the people replace their jobs, the Universal account number remains a same. Just you have to get the UAN (Universal Account Number) from your worker and activate it in online with the UAN Login at the UAN portal. Use your provident fund number (PF) to know the uan status in online. UAN is very easy to check in these modern times. On these days, it is very easier to check the Employer Provident Fund (EPF) balance by UAN (Universal Account Number). Follow the step by step procedure to check the Universal Account Number status in online.

Tips to Check the UAN status in Online:

  • Go and visit the official website i.e.

  • Choose an appropriate choice from drop down of menus for the state and region
  • A first two box for the employment provident fund number will get fill
  • Now you must have to type an extension code, and establishment code to complete the employment provident fund account number
  • Next, you have just to leave an extension code to blank, if you do not have it in the Provident fund account number.
  • If you don’t know about the establishment code, then you look at this link. i.e.
  • After filling all these details, then you have to click Check Status
  • Now, the uan status will be displayed on your computer screen. The status will indicate that if your UA numbers are already be generated or not.
  • Finally, you will get the message whether UAN numbers are be generated or not.


How to generate uan number online

While you receive the message “your UAN” allocated followed by the member ID, then it is confirmed that you have been assigned with the UAN (Universal Account Number), now to check uan status, you require to provide some details.

While the universal account number (UAN) is not be allocated, then you can send the request for allotting it. To get the UAN (Universal Account Number) through SMS on your mobile, you have to follow the given option at the right side of the page. Then you have to enter your official details. If you are filled your official details then you have received the uan status allocated through your phone. For UAN generation, there will take a minimum of seven days. The UAN registration gives much more independence to the workers. The workers can easily get the useful details for the provident fund (PF) account from the web portal. With the UAN activation, the workers can download month e-passbook of their employee provident fund account. Check the uan status and get plenty of advantages to update your account number details through by online.

Check the UAN Login at the UAN Portal:

The official details below required to check the UAN status at the UAN portal are.

  • Member name.
  • DOB (Date of Birth).
  • Mobile Number.
  • Password.
  • Confirm Password.
  • Enter your Captcha Code.

After filling all details, click on to GET PIN. After that, you have to get the PIN number that you require to enter in PIN field. This process will submit your request for the Universal Account Number and you will get this number within 7 days. After activation of Universal Account Number, you must have to create a login ID for checking the Employment provident fund organization balance (EPFO). The Universal account number scheme significantly contributes in minimizing a dependency of employees over their workers.

The UAN (Universal Account Number) schemes are to minimize the dependency on the employers. The workers can get several details relating to their Employer provident fund organization account without guidance or approach a company. If any workers having the multiple Employer provident funds (EPF) then he or she cannot produce multiple UAN numbers because Employer provident fund organization (EPFO) UAN process doesn’t allow creating multiple UAN (Universal Account Numbers).

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