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By | October 16, 2017

Now uan passbook download is the only way to know the pf balance. member now download epf passbook with uan number and password. this process also called as pf balance check with uan number. anyway, you are in the right place to download the uan passbook with help of support. 

UAN Passbook:

The New Unified Uan Portal gives more facilities for the member. UAN member portal is the One Platform for the All EPF Relative Activities. There are Many facilities in This UAN Portal. The most Important Thing is UAN Passbook Download. This UAN Passbook is Most Important For The Every EPF Member.This EPF Account is The Retirement Saving Scheme Of The Organized Sector Of The Employee. This Employee Provident Fund Account Balance Is more saving of The Employee. In This Scheme The Employee If you Get the less than 15000 Basic Salary. Our Company Can Register for The All EPF Account For all Employees.

Universal Account Number Is The Unique Number Given to EPF member. These UAN Numbers are Attach to The member, and It Does not Change To The Job. Because of The Universal Account Number, EPF Transfer, EPF Withdrawals and KYC Documents, These can Change Very Easy. The UAN member It Provide The Many Facilities to The UAN Member Portal.

The EPF Account Balance is The Most Saving Of The Employee, So It is Necessary to Track the EPF Account. This Passbook Provide all These Details to The EPF Contribution.

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Particulars of the EPF Passbook by UAN:

There is the Some Information For The UAN Passbook,  like Financial Statement, Credit, Debit, and Balance the Given matter for this Passbook

The is the Easy Process To Check the balance and Uan member details for the Employee Through UAN portal. The Employee we can Search the Transfer, Withdrawal. So The Employee it Can Useful For The EPF Portal.

How To Download the UAN Passbook:

Employee Can Easily Download the UAN Passbook Through the UAN Dashboard. There is The Simple Process To Download the UAN Passbook given below Process.

  1. Employee Can Visit Our Official Website (directly download from below)
  2. The New Member First Time Login we can Activate The UAN.
  3. If You Activate the UAN, you have to give your Universal Account Number and Phone Number, Continue This Process We Have To Set The Password Through the UAN Portal.
  4. Then Completion of The Activation, You Have To Login to The UAN Portal with the help of the Universal Account Number and Password.
  5. Once Login to The UAN Portal You have To Reach the UAN Dashboard.
  6. Next, We Have To See The Three Tiles, The First one is View Passbook Click to Download the Universal Account Number Passbook
  7. Next, We Have To Go through the View option Of The Main Bar then Select the passbook from the Dropdown list.
  8. Then We Can See The EPF Passbook link; It is The Link To PDF File of Your UAN Passbook.
  9. Click on See it and Also Download the UAN Passbook.

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Benefits of The EPF Passbook

The Employee Provident Fund provides the Many Benefits these are given below.

  • The Idea of The EPF Account Balance It Would be Help In The Retirement Planning.
  • In The EPF Passbook Shows Employee Contributing Regularly or Not We Can Show. There many Employee We Can not submit The PF Contribution Regularly.
  • Any Errors in The Personal Details, It Very Difficult To Solve this Problem and Leaving The Job.
  • Employee Can Also Check The Status of The EPF Transfer application.
  • PF Balance Is Necessary To Know the Partial EPF Withdrawal Eligibility.
  • You Should be aware you Can Check The Your PF Balance Earning Interest Or Not.
  • Employee Can Download The EPF Passbook You Can Leave This Job. 

Steps By Steps Guide To Download UAN Passbook

In these days, most of the company offers more facilities to the employees. Employees can use the EPFO without any hassles by UAN.  The employee uses the Uan passbook to check their balance amount on their account. This technique is used when the employee leaves the firm and joins the new company the pf balance is transfer from the previous employee and applies for the new pf account to transfer or withdraw the epf balance.

The uan passbook/ pf passbook download is simple process one can access at any time. The applying process of pf account has lots of paperwork and for applying the employee must contact the previous employer personally.  The Passbook is an essential document to for every employee. EFPO is introducing to get pf to the account holder lifetime after the retirement. The UAN number contains 12-digit it is unique which assigned to the employee and acts as an identity for employee till retirement.

 Information in the UAN passbook:

The uan passbook/ pf passbook download has the knowledge of financial statement. The passbook gives credit, debit and balance history of your UAN account. Some of the information in the passbook is given below.

  • Pf member ID
  • Date of joining
  • EPF transfer details
  • Personal information
  • Balance of employee contribution to PF account
  • Monthly contribution
  • Establishment code
  • Total EPF balance


epf uan passbook

How to download UAN passbook:

One can download the passbook of the UAN account in simple steps. Each member in the UAN can access the online portal. For uan passbook/ pf passbook download, the employee must register their account in the online and get authorization from their employer. The organization helps to activate the UAN account in online. Now, a massive number of employees having UAN passbook to check their status and transaction details of the report. Bank operations and balance amount are described in the passbook. Remember that your uan passbook is available in online. Here few steps are given to download the passbook.

  • The employee first visits the universal account number to view their pf fund details and personal information in the web portal.
  • If you are operating the portal for the first time, you have to activate the universal account number.
  • You must need a mobile number and UAN account number for activating the UAN. In this process, you have to set a password for login UAN in the portal.
  • After entering the details activation of UAN as processed. After the completion of activation, an employee must log in their UAN account in the online portal by using of UAN number and password.
  • If you log in the account successfully, you reach the dashboard of the page.
  • In the dashboard, you see three tabs on the page.
  • For downloading passbook, a candidate must click on view passbook. It helps to download your UAN passbook.
  • First of all click on view option that is in the menu bar, select passbook from the page.
  • You can the link on the page that is related to download passbook. Then click on the link and download it.

This method helps you to download your epf Passbook quickly. UAN portal is working for a longer time so you can download it at any time. You should download your passbook in the portal if you are a member of EPF. This step by step guide helps you to download your passbook without any risk.

The importance of UAN passbook:

In the UAN Passbook, one should view their UAN ID and pf member ID in the passbook.  You can easily find out your number via Passbook. An employee can see each entry in the passbook. It also describes the statement of the year and contribution and pension amount also in the passbook. An employer can share amount less than the employee because employee share used for the pension account. In the retirement period, an employee can check their pension amount in their account via pf passbook.

Whenever the employer joins in an organization, they need to fill the application form of the Pf account. The universal authorization numbers are generated by the organization which unique for all employees. With the passbook, an employee can transfer or withdraw their pf amount quickly after the retirement. In the passbook, you can also see the status and transaction records. EPFO is allotting the universal account number for employees. For registering the uan account in online, you should have required documents to register your new account.

Advantages of uan login passbook:

The employee provident fund subscribers to access their account on passbook. By using uan passbook, it contains more benefits to the employee. Online portal helps to get the more information about the employer with simple steps. The uan passbook/ pf passbook download is used to check the balance of the pf account. In the passbook of the Uan, an employee can find their transactions in month and date wise. The passbook help to show all the transaction and reduce you to check UAN balance. Epf Passbook helps you to view the UAN member ID in digitalized form. If once you logged the account by using your ID, you can find all details of the account in online. Moreover, it will help for your retirement planning, and you can see your earning interest of your pf balance.

KYC update documents are given in the passbook such as ID proof, email address, address proof and mobile number. In your UAN account page, you just update your details on the account via online. The uan passbook/ pf passbook download allows the employee to get information about their pf account by universal account number. The passbook is available in online if your employer updated Challan. You can find any error in the passbook quickly and know the application status. One should view their pf withdrawal eligibility by UAN account. So, start downloads your passbook by these instructions. If face any issues while downloading your pf passbook, then contacts EPF helpline they help you to clear your issues.

UAN Member Portal we also Help For The members. If any Problem for The UAN and EPF We Can Solve This Problem, we can Help The UAN Help Desk Customers.

Steps for UAN passbook download on the new uan portal  

For every EPFO members, there is a UAN which provides information by using UAN member portal. Based on different UAN offices, there is wide UAN member portal is available for your need and preference. Of course, it is a unique number given to every EPF member and attached with the job based on the withdrawal and KYC update. By using the UAN, the users can EPF transfer, withdrawal and others. It is based on the facilities that should unified portal. It is denoted as the biggest saving of an employee that is necessary to keep track of the EPF track for everyone. You have to fulfill the requirements and contain necessary information about it. Like many other financial statements, the UAN passbook gives essential details about credit, debt, and balance for everyone. It shows necessary information on the passbook details and presents in the PF member ID.

The organization made employees apply for passbook that comes under EPF statement. It provides several facilities that allow the users to grab attention on EPF member at UAN official web portal. With the help of single windows, the process is very easy and wondering how to download the UAN passbook without any hassle. It brings you a step by step and considers the best methods on downloading UAN Passbook accordingly. On the other hand, the UAN gives benefits to the experts who use this number for the financial statement. It is propelled with the limited business and methodology on accessing this download process in official portal. You can also check the portal for further details and know how to download the UAN passbook officially.

Steps to download UAN passbook from new portal

Some steps allow the users to download the UAN Passbook and use it for financial purposes. However, this makes you get a responsible thing that deserves the best procedure for downloading it just. Some of the steps are listed below as follows.

  • At first, go to the official website of UAN and search the UAN activation process
  • This process is applicable only for the new user and rest can log in with the given ID
  • To active the UAN, the user must provide mobile number to the portal
  • On the time of activation process, you can set password for your UAN Portal
  • Once the activation process completes, you can log in with the given ID and password enter the site
  • After the login process, the user must go to the UAN dashboard
  • In this page, the user must see three titles, and you have to select “View Passbook.”
  • Then, click download button for downloading UAN passbook
  • Afterward, go to the view button in menu bar and choose passbook to view your current passbook status
  • In fact, you will see the EPF passbook link, and you can open it for your UAN Passbook details
  • Then, Click sees by online and downloads it finally.

uan status, epf balance, uan portal,

How to download epf Passbook via the mobile app?

The users can also use the mobile app which is useful for download the UAN passbook accordingly. You can use it for an easy downloading process by using single app forever. It has just started to a new job, and many EPF users contribute to getting a final step for downloading it accordingly.

The mobile app currently available for Android OS, however, it is easy for applying it via online. In fact, you can download the new version of the app from the EPF website by using the mobile app at any time. epf passbook would help you to save time rather going to a Net center for doing this process.

  • In the home screen of the app, the just tap on member button
  • Once you click, it allows you to see two options in front of you
  • Activate UAN and Balance/Passbook
  • If you are already a member, then just tap on the login and enter the portal
  • If you are a new user, then activation is necessary for you to enter it
  • With an activated UAN, you may quickly check the balance and passbook in the new portal
  • When it opens next screen, it asks the users to enter 12 digits UAN and mobile number in the app
  • Tap on show button
  • Then, your member details includes everything will be displayed on the screen
  • Tap view passbook at the bottom of app

uan login passbook

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