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By | October 16, 2017

UAN Login Registration Process

The UAN login is the Most Important Number of The Employee. These Universal Account Number is Linked for the EPFO Service.There are the Many Benefits for The Employee for the Universal Member Portal.Every Employee can Get the Universal Member Portal.

What is UAN Login Number:

UAN is also called as Universal Account Number it is the 12 Digit Account Number which is given the Employee EPF Contribution.In UAN login Portal There are Multiple Member IDs (Pf accounts) From the Single Identity Card for UAN Member Portal.This UAN Number Doesn’t Change The Other Change Job.Why Because This Universal Number can Easily Transfer Your EPF Balance?

One Example You Changed the Job Recently So We can Submit the UAN Details To The New Employer.In This UAN Portal, there are many Benefits for The Employee, So he Can opt for Activation For The UAN done at the UAN Login Member Portal. Once uan Activation done we can Easily Know for The EPF Balance Through the UAN. Transfer the Pf Balance is also Easy at UAN member Portal.

UAN Login For Pf passbook, EPFO login for EPF Balance

How To Register The UAN Login Portal:

Submission the Details Now Open the New Page on The Screen To Create the UAN Login Details(Create Password).Once Create the UAN Portal Details Now Eligible all Benefits of the Employee.

For Suppose if You Forgot The UAN Number You can Restore the UAN Number Given Below Procedure.

How To Reset The UAN Login Password:

  • Employee Visit Our Official Website EPFO
  • Now Can Click on The Forgot Password.
  • Then Enter The UAN Number and Captcha To Verify.
  • Once Verify Your Mobile Number Are Mapped to UAN Login will be shown.
  • Change the Mobile Number Click on NO.
  • Now Click on authorized PIN Option.
  • Then OTP Sent The Register Mobile Number. But Will Not Receive the OTP So Try again Some Times Now OTP is Received on the Mobile Phone.
  • Now Enter The OTP PIN at authorized PIN form.
  • Next, We have to Enter the New Password. The password must contain 8 characters.
  • Then Confirmed the New Password.
  • Submit The Button.
  • After Successfully Changed the New Password, Enter the same credentials to UAn login portal.


How To Download the UAN PassBook:

  1. Employee Can Visit our EPFO Web site
  2. and Login The Site By Using UAN and Password.
  3. You can select the “Download the PassBook”Link.
  4. Now Open The Passbook on The Screen.
  5. Then Take Download the Passbook in PDF.

How To Download the UAN Card:

First Visit Our UAN login member Portal Then Enter the UAN and Password to login.Now Search the Download Menu.Then Select Download UAN Card Link.The UAN Card will Appear on the Screen take Download.

Advantages Of UAN login Portal:

The Below Services are available for the Employee on Registration:

  • UAN card Download
  • Member PassBook
  • Update of KYC Information
  • Listing All her/his Member ID’s To UAN
  • File, Views and Transfer Claims.

Check UAN Status By UAN Portal:

The Employee can Track the EPF Member ID. The Member ID contains 22 Digit Unique number given to Epf member. The Employee want to check the pf status then will follow the below process in step by step.

  • First Employee has to Reach the Know Your UAN Status Page or follow the below-Given Link which we are Provide.

  • Now Can Select the State and Region or EPFO Office.
  • After that Enter the State and Region and The First two Boxes For EPF Number Get Fill the Boxes.
  • Then Enter the Type of Establishment Code and extension Code to Complete the EPF Account Number.
  • Now Leave the Extension Code, If you Do not have the PF Account Number.
  • You Do Not Have The Establishment Code Below To Get.

  • All Details are Filled Then Check The UAN Status Button.
  • Then Get The UAN Status on The Screen.
  • You Will Get The Message The UAN(Universal Account Number are Allotted or Not).

How to activate uan Number login at uan portal?


Activation uan number at uan login portal, i.e., epfo unified member portal takes several steps to complete the registration with uan portal. Anyway, we simplified uan activation in 3 steps.

Visit the unified portal and click uan activation right below the login form. Enter your uan number after that furnish the PF Member id details. You may ask the question like How get member id for uan activation? 

The Answer is straightforward you can just enter the epf number in the field of member id and process the uan activation with pf account details and mobile number. Once uan registration or completed then you can login into uan portal download your uan passbook.

Step By Step Guide to Activate UAN Member Portal in Online

UAN is abbreviation  Universal Account Number. The Universal Account Number is for Employment Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) members. The employment provident fund organization workers can get it by checking Universal Account Number status and then they must have to activate it for login and UAN epfo services. Employment Provident Fund Organization UAN is fourteen digits unique number its need to provident fund transfer. The provident fund transfer will be available with Universal Account Number Status option. The members can know the Universal Account Number with Provident Fund number. There are plenty of benefits with Universal Account Number (UAN) Aadhaar number to available all e-services of Employment Provident Fund India.

EPFO (Employee Provident Fund Organization) is represented as the legislator body that works under Ministry of Labour & Employment. It provides much information considered to the EPF (Employee Provident Fund). All members that are under Employee Provident Fund Organization would be familiar with the common term Universal Account Number (UAN). Employment provident fund organization recently introduced The Universal Account number. Every employee has one permanent account number. This links all pf accounts and reduces employer involvement in pf claim settlement.

The different uan member portal was created to offer various types of Universal Account Number (UAN) related services. Employee Provident Fund (EPF) members have a facility of activating their Universal Account Number registration to avail it is different online facilities and to save much time and effort in getting this task the offline mode. An advantage you get is that you can approach several Provident Fund (PF) and that too under one umbrella.

How to utilize it – UAN Member Portal:

The first steps to using the services of the Employee Provident Fund (EPF) portal are to first apply for the portal. To do this, you need to get the UAN or Universal Account Number from the employer and your member ID & mobile number.

UAN Member Portal Features:

  • You can use the single phone number for the process of registration
  • You can include different ID numbers but utilize one contact number to login the uan member portal
  • Universal Account Number members can view more than ten accounts under different organizations
  • There are no restrictions on how much time you can see an account
  • There are no needs to create the username or password
  • You must need to use any identification number or mobile number such as Voter ID to log in
  • As the registration process of Universal Account Number member, you can view only one Provident fund account under one employer.

UAN login through Member portal:

First, the worker needs to get the Universal Account Number, and they just need to know more details about finding the Universal Account Number. The employee will need their contact number and member identification during the online registration process. With the Universal Account Number activation process fished and the employee can revisit the uan member portal to log in.

How to login UAN member portal:

  • First of all, go to the uan member portal
  • Click on UAN activation and the Universal Account Number form will be displayed on the screen
  • Enter the Universal Account Number and click on the check box to get into the member identity number
  • Select the office & state and enter the provident fund office code
  • If the user doesn’t have the member identification number, enter the Aadhaar card and Pan card number

How to Activate UAN Member Portal in Online:

  • First of all, go to the official website of uan member portal e.
  • Click on an option ‘Activate your Universal Account Number,’ to get the new page
  • Register it up with Universal Account Number, Member ID, and Mobile number
  • Select state and office of Employee Provident Fund (EPF) in your state
  • Enter a Captcha or text you will see in the image block and hit to Get PIN Number
  • The PIN number will be produced and it will send to your phone number for verification
  • By entering your authorization PIN number, you would have finished the registration process

UAN activation at Universal Account Number Member Portal:

Once you have completed the Universal Account Number activation process, then you utilize the portal for a huge number of purposes. The Universal Account Number login simplifies many things, and this can be attained without a usage of provident fund (PF) number. Hence it assists instead you have the multiple provident fund (PF) accounts.

Some Things that you can utilize the Universal Account Number Member Portal:

  • You can download Employee provident fund (EPF) passbook in online
  • if you want to download epf passbook as many times you want by the use of uan portal
  • A status of the claim for withdrawal can easily track
  • you will check provident fund balance in the use of SMS as well as missed call services
  • You can upgrade as well as change the KYC (know your Customer) information present on Employee Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) portal.

Hence it is recommended for the Employee Provident Fund Member (EPFO) to get their Universal Account Number (UAN) portal activated to carry out leading provident fund (PF) regarded formalities on their own.

Employee Provident Fund Organization mobile app for Universal Account Number member portal:

EPFO was offering mobile app services to the members of Employer Provident Fund Organization. It is a useful app for workers to get many services on the phone. The users can download the Employee Provident Fund Organization mobile app from the mandatory website. Register & login to the Universal Account Number portal to approach your EPF (Employment Provident Fund) account line balance check. Check Universal Account Number Status and download Universal Account Number passbook and other services offered by Employment Provident Fund Organization mobile apps.

The uan member portal is handy to workers those who come under Employment Provident Fund scheme. The workers those who are applied at Employment provident fund organization portal, are requested to visit Universal Account Number portal and finish the Universal Activation process. Because the UAN number is the key to online services are avail for the members, those who have activated already their Universal Account Number (UAN).

UAN Portal Benefits

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