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By | October 16, 2017

UAN Helpdesk, EPF  Toll-Free Helpline, and Complaints Registration are very helping for the Account holders. In this service helping with the guide you.Today we will discuss the How to help the UAN Helpdesk and EPF Toll-free Number.

UAN Toll-Free Helpline/EPF Customer Care:

In This helpline Center, There are 25 customer care Executives provides you. These managers help the information about the EPf member and other details provide on your mobile phones. In this Process, we can assist the epf Information and other related simple and Resolve the small problems.

You can Help The Problems of below Following causes:

  • In This Customer care, you can find the Universal Account Number
  • And also Reporting The more than One UAN
  • Unavailability Of Passbook
  • Change The mobile number
  • KYC upload
  • You can Solve The Technical Issues
  • And Also Uan Portal Issues
  • We can Help the Guidance  for The Epf Transfer
  • In New Employee We can solve The UAn Linking problems.


Common problems for uan helpdesk portal

  1. Update or Mobile Number in case of lost,
  2. forgot uan number then need to contact helpdesk you know it by uan status, but it comes to the first step.
  3. Father name or husband’s name change in uan member portal.
  4. Date of Birth change etc
  5. member id and UAn Number mismatched
  6. change DOJ date of joining,
  7. KYC not verified by employer etc.
  8. Forgot uan password and mobile number changed.
  9. OTP message not received during uan activation
  10. Problem-related uan activation, Pf transfer, and epf withdrawal.

Asked For The Helpline executive your name, Mobile number and EPF Number/Uan Number.And Also Tell The Aadhar Number or Pan these also liked with UAN.

EPFO UAN customer care number 18001-18005

Toll-Free For The UAN/ EPFO Helpline:

Toll-Free Number available For The EPF Account contact our EPfo Customer Care Dial 18001 18005.This service is available for given the particular time that is 9:15 AM to 05:45 PM On all working days including Sundays. And It does not work on  Holidays published by The Central government.

UAN HelpDesk Registration & Login:

UAN Helpdesk Is The Using  From the Complaints Or any Other Issue we can Approach the below-mentioned details:

What kind of problem issue to send the Email Or Call. We can solve Your problem.

UAn Helpdesk Portal Website:

UAN helpdesk portal always changes its port, Because many of the hackers trying hack epfo to get the benefit of PF money transfer to their account. For security epfo always upgrading the epfo & UAn site.

That’s reason epfo says always visit the and then pointed uan support portals.

epf KYC update, uan status, uan activation,

180 231 9091 uan helpdesk


  1. UAN helpdesk portal in Hindi
  2. EPF members uan helpdesk for inoperative /inactive pf accounts
  3. English version uan customer care portal
  4. One employee one epf uan help portal

UAN HelpDesk Number:

In This Help Line Also Available For the  7 AM to 8 PM. And The Helpline number is mention Above.To Call The Executives To Solve The problem.

How to track the uan help Status Using Reference number:

First, we have to log in as the registered member

Next, we can enter the Reference number and Mobile number to log in.

After we Submitted the User details, Chat Details, and Instruction.You can See after login To your user area.

Epf uan complaint register for Name, DOB, DOJ  /father’s name change

for correcting member name, DOB, DOJ and father name, etc.

The employee has visited the helpdesk portal. Click for register a complaint furnish details as seen on the image

Mobile Number and UAn Number (if uan number is not already activate for you may fix this offline by employer)

UAN Helpdesk for update Mobile Number

In the case of forgot uan login password and the mobile number is changed, there is no way to retrieve the uan password except contacting uan support.Employees can reset the password at uan portal, and the new password will be sent to SMS.


For changing mobile number in epf account, employees have to register a complaint at uan helpdesk portal. Fill the details of an epfo member.

Name, Mobile Number, Member id or pf number, father name, date of birth and the preferred language for communication.

A description of your problem is mandatory in 1000 characters.

Employee name change in epfo uan portal

this can be happened only through your employer.because employer know & contribute the monthly subscription epfo in the name of the employee.

You can submit a written request to the employer along with valid proof.

Advantages of Using UAN HelpDesk

The Employee Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) maintained the UAN (Universal Account Number) helpdesk for clarifying queries of the customers. Helpdesk is one of the newly introduced features to solve employee’s issues. This service launched to encourage the EPF member to claim money from an inactive account. With the help of uan helpdesk, the employee can able to solve all kinds of universal account number problems quickly without any hassle. UAN is the 12-digit number that given to each employee provident member. The employee should log in the UAN portal by using mobile number and password. If the employee wants to change any information in their PF account, then they can use UAN helpdesk to meet their needs.

Thus, UAN helpdesk makes simpler the task of modifying information in the PF account. In UAN portal, a profile menu option is available so using that one can update the mobile number and other details in the PF account quickly. However, the employee can use this option only if their old mobile number is still active. If the employee forgets UAN login password and mobile number, then they need to report the uan helpdesk regarding this. With this action, the employee can get proper solution for their problem. UAN portal helps the employee to make use of online PF techniques.

epf balance, uan portal,

The importance of helpdesk:

If you use any service in UAN, you will receive an OTP for verification purpose. The OTP helps to process the online requested service. While using UAN account, if you find something went wrong on the portal then you can post or call toll free number to get the solution for the issue. The uan helpdesk is one those dedicated options that provide support for the employee and help to solve the problems quickly. After login the UAN account, the employee need to submit the registration number. Helpdesk is one of the new techniques to address the employee issues. EPFO established the helpdesk service to manage all the PF related queries perfectly.

To use all the facilities of the UAN, login account using login id and password that provided in the web portal. By using the helpdesk service, the employee can claim the inactive account to take the money and also make changes in personal details of the account. The feature helps you minimize time on visiting the nearest EPF branch. Using this feature, you can also find the way to withdraw an amount from the PF account. When you change the job, you need to link your PF account with your new employer. Thus, it gives the best way to improve employee profile in the UAN member account. If you do not know how to use the UAN helpdesk service, then you can read this article below.

Procedure to access UAN helpdesk:

Every UAN allotted by the employer to access multiple ID. UAN help the employee to see their details in the profile and alter the details in the profile. Even the employee can download passbook in online and view a status of transfer as well as withdraw. Follow the below procedure for how to use the uan helpdesk service.

  • First, you need to visit the official website of UAN
  • In the login page, you need to enter 12-digit UAN number and password to login the portal
  • Once you log in successfully, go to the homepage
  • In that, click on Our Service. It displays some options in that select the option employees
  • Epfo will redirect you to the new page and click on UAN helpdesk
  • Once again it redirects you to the new page, it shows two options i.e. member and employer
  • In that, you need to click on member options to do further process
  • UAN Portal redirects you to the web portal of UAN where you can change or update the employee provident fund
  • On that page, list of problems displays just  click on related  question type that you need a solution
  • Using this service, you can also get the UAN number that you forget as well as change password if you forget
  • By using the OTP, you can log in the previous account ID
  • If you enter any wrong information in the profile, then you can easily change it using this service
  • Now, you have to enter the OTP received in your mobile
  • Then submit your request to employer to support necessary documents
  • The previous employer can change only the date of birth
  • Using the toll-free number, you can also modify the information or solve your issues

How UAN helpdesk works:

The UAN helpdesk works in many ways. The employee login to the UAN portal and update the mobile number and password in the menu option, which presents in the portal. The employee also submits the request to update the details. The issues related to the message do not receive when activating the UAN can also recover the helpdesk facility. With the help of the UAN helpdesk, the employee also submits the request through the online to get the transfer claim status. After sending the request, the employee receives the one-time password in their mobile. It is the key for the employee to verify it in online and the reference number generated to the registered mobile number.

Advantages of UAN helpdesk:

Using the uan helpdesk, the employee can solve so many problems at the time of UAN registration and activation. Employees can solve all kinds of issues with this option. Using the helpdesk, the employee can quickly submit the request in online and get the better result for the issues. All the employee must use UAN helpdesk to solve problems on the UAN account. This service is also available in beta version. Thus, it is mandatory for all the employee. The major UAN login issues forget the UAN login id and password. Hence, the employee can use UAN helpdesk to recover the mobile number and password. If the employee forgot the password and the mobile number is still active, then they visit the UAN portal to solve the problem.

There is the same UAN Helpdesk for both employees & employer

this helpdesk is in beta mode. However, epfo now addressing issues through social media too just look at the twitter and facebook pages.

Official social epfo FB page here

Now epfo planning to hire social media agency for improving social presence on twitter and facebook.

epfo latest tweets