PF Withdrawal process how to withdraw pf at epfo india

By | October 5, 2017

PF Withdrawal Information Available has given below like What is PF Withdrawal, Checklist of PF Withdrawal, and Online PF Withdrawal, Old and New Form PF Withdrawal and More.

PF Withdrawal:

Provident Funds mean The Employee Works in  Public Sector or Private Sector to Leave the Job in any Manner, So He/She Collect the Money Through PF Withdrawal is called PF Withdrawal. The Employee Retirement from the Job in any Public or Private to Collect the Salary From The Pf Withdrawal. Employees this is the best Chance to Get The Money Through New Form or Old Form.

An employee can Leave the Job can Withdraw from your EPF Balance. This is the Long and Difficult Process of the PF Withdrawal.There is the Simple process to Get The PF Withdrawal Below Following Procedure.

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Avoid the PF Withdrawal:

  1. Employment Provident Fund is the Organization. It Should not Talk about the This Corpus. It Builds to Tough the Retirement in Old age.
  2. An employee can Easy method to Transfer the EPF Balance Through The Online Process.
  3. This PF Balance Is Taxable. Employee Can Withdrawal this amount at least  5 years of the Account Opening.
  4. Employee Can Against the Rules Can Withdraw the PF Account Balance while You Still  Employed then it Will Be Possible.
  5. An employee can not Withdraw the Employment Provident Funds. The Employer’s Contribution and Interest are Upon it. An employee can Withdraw the Money after Retirement of the Employee.

Employee Can Withdraw the Money only The Employee has not Working any Job more than 2 months and not Getting the Job. So The Employee can According to the Rules to Employee not Withdraw the PF Account Balance within 2 months leaving the Job Then The EPFO Provide some Loan.

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Checklist of The EPF Withdrawal:

An employee can Check the EPF Withdrawal are given below.

  • The UAN Number is Important For The EPF Withdrawals. The Relaxation is Given to The Leaving the Job for The Employee.
  • Employee Name Can Match the  Bank Account.
  • And Also Date Of Birth and Father’s name Can Match the Proofs.
  • An employer can Register for the Exit date of the EPFO Records.

Online PF Withdrawal:

The Employment Provident Funds this is used to Transfer the PF Withdrawal Through Online, So The Employee This is used to Transfer the Money Through Online, But The PF Withdrawal Online Process Will Not To Create the EPFO Services, So The Employee Can Withdraw The Funds by using the Employment Provident Funds Service.

The PF Withdrawal Online Transfer Money Process is not Available. So The Employee can withdraw the Money Through EPFO Only.

The PF Withdrawal are Two Types That is the First method is Easy and Preferrable and second method is The First method it’s not Working then use the Second Method.

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EPF Withdrawal from New Form:

There is The Simple method Employer can Provide The Aadhar Number To Universal Account Number. Once Submit The Aadhar Number then Further Process Are Given. The Aadhar Number Linked to The UAN then get The Job.

Some Steps are Given below like.

  1. Employee Can Provide the Aadhar Number To UAN
  2. An Employee Provide The Aadhar Number Authenticated.
  3. Then Download the EPF Withdraw Form. It Is The Simple form and It Provides the very Simple details you Required.
  4. Employee Can Fill The New EPF Withdrawal Form and Submit The EPF Form Through The Regional Office.
  5. Once Submit The Form Then EPF Withdrawal Take Some Time. Employee Can Get The Money within the Week.

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EPF Withdrawal From The OLD Form:

Employee Can Have To Use The Regular Form 19 It uses the EPF Withdrawal. Can Download the Form 19 Through The Official EPFO Website. and Also Withdraw the Employee Pension amount. member Can Get Scheme Certificate for The Pension amount. The Employer Service is less than 10 years. An employee can Service The Job More Than 10 years we Can Provide The Pension Amount only. Can Withdraw the Pension Amount Employee Can Fill The Form 10C.

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Applying For The Procedure:

Some Procedure is given below like.

  •  Visit the Human Resource Department of the Employer gives the Copy of The bank Cheque.
  • The Officer HR Will Provide The Form 19 and Form 10 C. Through the Hand.
  • Employee Can Ask The Details Of The Joining and Resign Date Of The HR.
  • Employee Can Fill The All Required Details to Submit The HR.
  • The HR Will Attest Form and Submit The Through The Regional Office.
  • The After Submit The Form The Regional Officer Takes one month time Process your Application.
  • After Completion of The Process the EPFO Deposit the PF Amount Through The  Employee Accounts.

Steps To PF Amount Withdrawal

The universal account number is very important for applying the provident fund. Every company offering the uan account for the employer and it is the separate number that given to the employee works in the organization. The employee can use the universal account number to check the automatic pf transfer, latest updates, withdrawal pf amount and others.the employee left the industry, hence withdraw employer’s provident fund and there are three types of the provident funds available. They are a public provident fund, employee provident fund and general provident fund, The GPF for the government employees, EPF for the private sector employees and the public PF for the public.

Purpose for PF withdrawal

The partial withdrawal is allowed in the unique case in the form of the loan and the employee gives following reason such as marriage, medical expenses, purchasing the property, higher education, and others. The pf withdrawal can be done if the employee has completed the seven years of service. The withdrawal can be done 3 times during the employee employment tenure. If the withdrawal is made for the wedding then the solid proof has been given to withdrawal the money. If the withdrawal can be made for the medical expenses then the amount allowed six-time individual basic salary.  The public provident fund account is available for the fifteen years and the withdrawal is permitted under the strict regulations.

The employee cannot able to withdrawal amount for beginning six years. After the six years that the fifty percent of available balance can be able to withdrawal. The account holders for the PPF can withdrawal the entire amount before the end of tenure. your provident fund account was tenured. If you are interested to extended in 5years. again your tenure same will continue to extended 5years.  If the employees select to make the withdrawal after leaving the job then they need to submit the declaration with the clear reason for mention the withdrawal.

Steps to pf amount withdrawal

  • The employees have to check the pf withdrawal eligible criteria in the EPFO official portal
  • Then fill the withdrawal form in online and submit the application form
  • If anyone activated the pf account number with the universal account number then you can easily withdrawal the amount.
  • You have to fill the application form two month after from leaving the job.
  • If anyone leaving the job within the five years then you have to choose the reason carefully for leaving the job.
  • fill reason of withdrawal and after taking the cheque.

Steps to avoid the Tax on the PF withdrawal

The employee can leave the tax burden in the pf withdrawal and the PF transfer will help to reduce Tax in the amount transfer. If the employee can choose the right plan then they can avoid the tax while fund transfer and withdrawal. Do not try to the provident transfer withdrawal after the joy hopping and the employee pays some tax after each withdrawal.  If the employees can withdrawal the PF amount for purpose of the home purchase or alteration then the property should register her name. Every employee working at organization minimum 5years after withdrawal your pf amount. The PF amount gives the interest till three years of the non-contribution. If the employee is switching to the business or otherwise leaving the job then they can wait for the five years for the completion.

Checklist of the PF withdrawal

  • If you need to withdrawal the pf amount then the employee should check some information.
  • The universal account number mandatory for PF withdrawal
  • The employee name should match with a bank account.
  • You should register exit date in the provident fund organization records.
  • The date of birth and the father name should match with the ID proof.

PF withdrawal with the new form

In this new method of the PF withdrawal, the employee does not require employer attestation. The employees have given Aadhaar number at the universal account number portal. Once the employee provides the Aadhaar number to their UAN then they do not want further attestation by an employer. The employee should link the Aadhaar with UAN during a job.

  • Link the Aadhaar number to the UAN
  • authenticated employer got the Aadhaar card
  • Download new pf withdrawal form and then fill the required details
  • Submit the form directly to regional provident fund office.

The direct PF form submission and the PF withdrawal process take less time. The employee can expect the provident fund within the week.

TDS condition on PF withdrawal 

The employee provident fund organization can deduct the tax on TDS source and if the employee falls under few criteria. The pf withdrawal is fifty thousand and its limit was thirty thousand rupees. The users not complete the services for the five years and they have transferred the PF withdrawal of the previous organization. The employee service period not added to the recent services unless then transfers the previous pF amount. The employee can avoid the TDS on the PF withdrawal if they fulfill some requirement. It is very important to note the employee can submit the form 15G during the withdrawal time.

Steps to PF balance statement

  • First, log into the EPF balance page
  • At the bottom of page, select on knowing your balance button
  • now display the pf account login sheet, therefore select the pf account authorized state.
  • Fill in the PF account number then registered your mobile number.
  • click the submit button then after you will receive SMS on authentication number

The employee can check the full balance statement and also download the statement for the future use. To download the PF statements select on the download the passbook.

Online PF withdrawal facility

In the today technology, it is very easy to withdrawal the fund in online. The online provident fund withdrawal has started in the month of May 2017 and the employee can transfer the PF in online. UAN portal of the provident fund has to change complete process of the PF transfer and withdrawal. You can also easily find out the universal account number in online.

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