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By | October 31, 2017

There are many ways to check epf balance/pf account status on UAn Portal as well as Epfo Portal.An epf balance check UAN Number and Pf Number. pf balance without UAN number by UAN Portal. without pf number in epfo employees corner. Track Pf balance on Mobile by SMS alerts phone call to epfo toll-free number.

EPF Balance Statement passbook download

Employees Provident fund Organisation (EPFO) provide a facility for an employee to know the EPF balance through online.To know your balance in EPF account Up to the date, the accounts are updated. And it also consists latest transactions approved transaction of advances or Transfer-in or Transfer-out etc.

EPF Balance Checking Process Using Name & Mobile number:

  • Employees firstly go to the official website of Employees provident fund organization click here to download uan /epf passbook
  • Next, go to the employee’s service page among employer and uan services.
  • Click on the For employees option and next click on Know your EPF balance link displayed on the screen.
  • Now select the EPFO office where your account is drawn.
  • Leave the extension field blank space if your account does not have one.
  • Now enter the Name & mobile number.The entered mobile number that recorded with EPF account number.
  • Finally, success full submission of above details you will get details your mobile through SMS.

uan member login
EPF balance statement available online on the official website of Employees provident fund organization(EPFO).If you need to Know EPF statement online some particular details are required.Now an availability of Check EPF Balance statement with EPF account number.By using with EPF account number you can access EPF account statement through online.Epfo members can download the Pf statement for checking your pf balance online at an epfo portal.

Check epf balance on mobile

checking epf balance with the mobile number only works through uan number. In Case of if you checking via epf balance at epfindia.com then employee have to provide PF Number. then visit this link  http://www.epfindia.com/site_en/KYEPFB.php, enter your epf number and click know balance you will get PF Balance details by SMS to registered mobile.

How to check pf balance with uan number? the simple answer is by login to uan portal, download the uan passbook from uan portal services website. or else get pf balance with the epfo mobile app.  you can get pf balance details in the form of passbook.

Check epf balance by missed call by calling epfo customer care,


Download EPF Passbook /statement

EPF e-passbook is an online version of check EPF balance statements online.Employees are easy to check EPF status and transactions month dare wise through online.The following steps are downloaded EPF e-passbook.

  1. Firstly login to http://members.epfoservices.in.
  2. And now register with the mobile number, address, and date of birth.
  3. Click on get Pin and you will get Pinto a registered mobile number.
  4. Next, click on download e-passbook and enter the EPFO office state and EPF office name.
  5. Fill the details of Company PF code, PF ac.no, and name in blank spaces.
  6. And click on the Get Pin and you will get a pin to your mobile and update the link with the PIN.
  7. After 3 working days, you will get epf passbook on the same page of EPFO portal.

For checking pf balance on epfo portal without PF Number and UAN Number. then employees have to log in to epfo members portal then download the epf passbook from the download section.


Check UAN Status, UAN Login Portal. UAN Helpdesk.

members.epfoservices.in>> login>>members download >> epf statement / passbook.

Epf passbook contains All epf balance contribution details including interest employer payment etc.

Check Pf balance By EPF Number

Employees easy to check the PF balance with EPF number through online.An EPF online balance checking facility available on official website of Employees provident fund organization.Following steps are to know PF balance by EPF number.

  • Visit epf India gov.in and click on epf balance.
  • Then that page redirects you to epf balance checking page.
  • The select state and regional epf office enter your PF  number. Member name and Mobile number.
  • Then click On get PF balance.
  • You will get epf amount details to Your Mobile number.

Check Pf balance with UAN Number

The government of India announced Universal Account Number (UAN) to facilitate provident fund (PF) number portability.UAN stands for Universal Account Number, which is a unique number, is given to every employee who contributes in EPF scheme.This feature will be available soon just like PF Number and enter the UAN number on epfo Portal or UAN Portal.

Now UAN Member portal and employer UAN portal merged into Unified UAN Portal.

Anyway, you can still check Pf balance with UAn number in following ways.

  1. check Epf status by sending an SMS to epfo tollfree.
  2. You can call uan toll free number to check current pf balance along with last contribution and interest.
  3. Download the epfo App on your phone enter Your UAN Number and check the pf balance.
  4. You can monthly SMS alerts if you registered under UAN portal.


Epf Balance Knowing Methods

EPF is particularly designed for all type of salaried employees, which is under care, by the Employee Provident Fund organization of India. Here the companies who have more than 20 employees need to register under the law of the EPRO. This law support to save a number of the employee’s life. In that day, if the employee needs to check the balance, they must hire branch office of the EPF, which is located nearby the location, and it takes much time and you need to stand in the queue to get your balance detail. Hence,

it will be very hard for the major employers. In order to come out such problem, now the technology support a lot to get all your balance enquired by staying in the home itself. Hence, it becomes great welcome among the people to know the major balance of the EPF. If you are working in the office, around 12% will be contributing from the basic salary into the account of the EPF. In addition, it protects the major people life in the safer manner. Checking you, the balance of EPF is very important for every method so the EPF employee staff must go with the process to make sure the account balance is right and other data.

Here you can go with the below four epf balance knowing methods check out the EPF balance in a fine manner.

Then EPF department launched the application for the major Smartphone which lets the customer check the balance with the free cost and it is applicable to get balance details at every time. Hence, the employee who has own EPF account can download apps from an official website. On completing the download, a user can obtain activate UAN. When UAN is already activating, then you can check out balance at every time with no SMS charge. Hence, it is very easy and effective for the customer to identify the balance of the current EPF account.


EPF Balance checking Via SMS:

It is one of the friendly methods, which can simply and easy to get balance by all employees in short seconds. Hence, most of the people wish to go with this method to know the current EPF balance to register mobile numbers. Here you have to follow the few steps to collect the balance details

  • At first, the employee who want to check the balance, they need to hold the UAN register mobile number
  • Then you have to type text and send the SMS to 7738299899.
  • Here the text format will be in the form of EPFOHO UAN <ENG> for getting the message in English
  • Even there is one more option to obtain texts In 10 Vernacular language such Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Bengal Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, Kannada.
  • On are completed sending the SMS, the EPFO will send the reply SMS on the same time so you can ready to check out the balance in a fine manner.

Though the method is very simple, the EPF employee can collect all details of the balance in a winning manner.

EPF missed call service:

This method is very simple which can take place within two seconds to collect the EPF balance details in a winning way. To get balance, the customer has to give missed call to the given designated mobile number by then EPFO. Once you send the SMS, just receive the balance details within second to the registered mobile. This service is completely free to get the EPF balance without meeting EPF branch office. Here it is the number, you must give missed call 011 2290 1406 and it can store in the phonebook.

  1. Your Date Of Birth
  2. Your UAN
  3. KYC status
  4. Last Contribution
  5. PF balance

Hence, this method is used to check out the balance by verifying then EPF records. In the case of any wrong information, juts you have to correct by meeting the EPFO on the same day itself.

epf balance online uan:

It is one of the old methods but it is high safer to collect the EPF balance details with no risk of it. On the other hand, it gives great support and time-saving method to get exact balance of EPF account by the respective employee. This method gets update each account of the customer and maintained the separate data based. Hence, it gives hand for the client obtains the balance in a faster manner. this epf balance knowing methods is very faster and simple to get details of the current balance.

Here are few things to follow for getting the EPF balance via online

  • Visit official website of the EPFO and make sure the page
  • Then find out the EPFO office which you have maintained EPF account
  • In case, if you account is not having one, just leave the extension field as blank
  • Now enter the PF mobile number and also the respective account number of the EPF
  • Then provide recorder EPF account mobile number
  • Then make sure once again the mobile number and account number and hit enter
  • Wait for few minutes until you process is completed
  • Now, you can get balance details with your account name, date of birth and much more.

Before going to apply epf balance knowing methods, the candidate must make sure the internet connection and check out the balance in a trouble-free manner.


Important things to remain in checking EPF balance:

  • If you want to get registration over the portal for passbook download, just make use of the single mobile number for registration.
  • Any registration mobile number allows to views the EPF account details but if you want more account number, just you need have more mobile number
  • One member can view the maximum EPF account balance.

Hence the EPF employee can simply check out the balance detail by using any epf balance known methods. the above option will be simple and take very less time to follow by every register employees. In a case of additional doubts, the candidate has to hire toll-free number to clear all your doubts on the same time itself.


UAN Passbook download for epf balance

Most employees Now logging into UAN Member portal, for only one reason to inquiry their epf balance Account statement.

UAN members can download UAn passbook along with UAN card In Portal download section.

click here to download uan /epf passbook

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